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Why should I start using Trustblock?

The audit is currently one of the most critical data regarding smart contracts. Providing straightforward, open, and transparent access to the audit is a must-have in the web3 ecosystem, where scams and exploitable contracts are everywhere.
Having access to audits may be beneficial for your own system as it unlocks many possibilities in terms of features.
Here are some examples:
  1. 1.
    DEXes can implement an automatic audit check for the token a user is about to buy. Displaying the audit/issues/auditor avoids a lot of fastidious manual research for their users while avoiding potential scams and fakely audited projects.
  2. 2.
    Analytics can fetch audits data and feed their contracts analysis to provide a better overall vision of how secured analyzed contracts interactions really are.
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    Presales/Fundraisings/ICO can use this to provide investors on their platform direct access to the audits/issues/auditor, same as with the DEXes, it saves their users time by not having to do a lot of fastidious manual research, and help them avoid scams and fakely audited projects.
You can fetch Trustblock's on-chain audits using our API but also directly from your contracts.

How to use Trustblock?

Check our API documentation.
Or simply use our widget.