An Auditor

Why should I start uploading my audits on Trustblock?

Uploading your audits on our system allows the following:
  • It gives audits a functional utility: DEXes, AMMs, ICOs/Presales connect to Trustblock and fetch audits to unlock unique business actions. Some examples:
    • Unicrypt presales fetch our system and display audits/issues attached to the smart contracts inside their presale. (will be activated once on mainnet)
    • AnalytEx fetch our system to enhance their smart contracts analysis (will be activated once on mainnet)
    • Dexes can use our system to display audits for swapped tokens, avoiding their users to do fastidious and hard DYOR.
    • Since our audits are on-chain they can also be used directly inside smart contracts, and enable a controlled permissionless flow.
  • Auditors' visibility and business success almost entirely rely on "reputation", which is not that relevant when we deal with security topics. Since every audit on Trustblock is attached to addresses, we are able to calculate objective and relevant key metrics. Build your profile and gain popularity, based on your work.
  • The two points above, not only increases your visibility + leads, it brings qualified targeted leads. For example, if you're specialized in NFTs on AVAX, your profile metrics will show it on our platform and you will not be spammed by clients that aren't in that target.

How do I start uploading my audits on-chain?

All auditors are verified by the Trustblock teams, and the platforms/protocols using it. To be accepted in our network, please go to our discord and ask in the chat to join, we accept firms and freelancers.
If you're already a partner please read our documentation to integrate Trustblock's audit publish to your own flow.